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Travel Insurance Information

We are proud to partner with Seven Corners to offer you protection for your travel insurance needs.  You can get a quote by clicking the banner below! 

Travel insurance is a broad term that encompasses insurance against four major types of losses: medical, trip/flight cancellation, loss or damage to baggage, and evacuation.

While each of these coverage's are useful in their own right, travel medical insurance should be the core of any traveler's concern. Below are some preliminary considerations to help you get the right coverage.

1. Why do I Need to Buy Travel Health Insurance if I Already Have Health Insurance?

Mandating that travelers have travel health insurance is standard policy for tour companies and charities. They know that unless you have the most spectacular of health plans, odds are you'll want to get temporary trip insurance. Find out from your current provider what they cover and find a good insurance provider to fill any gaps.               

2. Should I Get Extreme Sports Coverage on my Travel Health Insurance Plan?

I wouldn't consider getting trip insurance without an Extreme Sports Coverage Plan. Not because I practice any extreme sports, (my high school dreams sob to see me type this) but because many things that could happen to anyone are considered extreme sports by travel health insurance companies — like riding a motorcycle.

Unless you have the most insular of itineraries, you never know when you need to take a motorcycle taxi or, in more exciting fantasies, have to hang glide off a mountain to rescue a prince or princess. Either way, you want resulting injuries to be covered. The cost is usually minimal to add, and for my trips, I consider it absolutely worth it.               

4. Should I Get Cancellation and Curtailment Coverage?

If there are any doubts or possible occurrences that could cause you to cancel your trip, then this option is a no brainer.


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